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Why Join ConnCEL?

World Wide Youth Networks (WWYN) presents... the Connecticut Consolidated Esports League  (ConnCEL)! ConnCEL brings scholastic Esports and career exploration in the digital arts and sciences to youth that are not on high school varsity teams, through middle school and after school programs for youth age 13 to 18.  ConnCEL, as a NASEF affiliate, offers multiyear career training in STEAM fields related to Esports and gaming. And, because of our relationship with college coaches, we provide college recruitment opportunities for youth interested in pursuing Esports at the college level.  

Playing a Shooting Game


We want to build a better, safer digital world through Esports.  Our Mission is to bring youth from around the State of Connecticut together to compete, learn about educational  and career opportunities in the digital arts and sciences and promote digital citizenry and equity. We're connecting Connecticut's youth, one game at a time.

Building Winning Strategies with WWYN

ConnCEL is an initiative of World Wide Youth Networks (WWYN). Using the digital arts and sciences, WWYN fights alongside marginalized youth, youth organizations, educational institutions and industry professionals to create safe, secure digital spaces designed to empower gifted, but marginalized, youth around the world.  Our purpose network is built on the belief that collaboration and community building are the foundations upon which youth empowerment, critically conscious youth development, and youth advocacy are built, become successful and sustainable.  Our mission takes us beyond simply networking with youth organizations, but also organizing around building the infrastructure needed to combat the disparities in digital equity in the policies and the industries that make up the backbone of our 21st Century digital economy.

Learning with NASEF

The Connecticut Consolidated Esports League ia a NASEF Affilliate. "NASEF is on a mission to provide opportunities for all students to use esports as a platform to develop STEAM-based skills and social emotional attributes such as communication, collaboration, and problem-solving abilities needed to thrive in work and in life. NASEF has created innovative and immersive career- and college-relevant education. These CTE educational programs or 'grids' are purposefully aligned to the 15 Career Technical Education (CTE) pathways. This multiyear sequence integrates core academic and technical knowledge.

NASEF is here to support you as you leverage scholastic Esports for lifelong impact. Together, we will help youth as they Game. Grow. Learn. Lead."

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