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Educational Resources

Level up your Esports knowledge though an educational lens.  don't hate the player, change the game.  Here's a couple of resources that can help you empower our youth through Esports.

Can cooperative video games encourage social and motivational inclusion of at-risk students

Can the challenges encountered in cooperative video games encourage classroom inclusion? And can this experience be translated into curriculum engagement? This study describes a 3 week intervention with game-based learning activities in eight lower secondary classrooms (N=190).

Motivational engagement and video gaming: a mixed methods study

EducationTechResearchDev(2010)58:245–270 DOI10.1007/s11423-009-9134-9

Publishedonline:1September2009 AssociationforEducationalCommunicationsandTechnology2009

Video game players typically exemplify behavior that is intense, purposive, and goal directed. Gamers exhibit adaptive motivation towards the gaming tasks in which they engage (Jones1998,1999; KleinandFreitag1991; Malone1981; O’Neiletal.2005) and ardent gamers have been described as intrinsically motivated (Malone1981; Wangetal. 2008; Warrenetal.2008), engaged (Garrisetal.2003), focused, and even pathological (ChouandTing2003).The deeply intrinsic nature of the gaming experience was investigated by Jones(1999) who claimed, ‘‘For better or worse, digitally rendered environments can be as, at times more, engaging than reality’’(p.327).

The Future of Fortnite (in Education)

Jul 24, 2023

We've seen how games can change classrooms and communities for the better, but can they really help all of humanity survive — and even thrive? Using Fortnite Creative in the classroom allows educators to meet students where they are and leverages students' expertise to imagine solutions to real-world problems. Learn how Epic Games, CreateAccess, and others are using tools like Fortnite Creative, Unreal Editor for Fortnite, and more to educate a new generation on the importance of sustainability while providing transferable industry-standard skills, and pathways to high-growth fields.

The illuminating benefits of video games

Are video games eroding our minds? These TED Talks suggest the opposite -- that video games can improve our brain function, and even help better the world.

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