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Violet Stars


The Accelerated Division is the premier Esports league for youth in afterschool programs, being home schooled, in middle school programs or who are in alternative education programs.  Our inaugural tournament will focus on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, with subsequent seasons introducing League of Legends and Rocket League for our offerings.  Competing after school and days alternative to the CIAC schedule, the Accelerated Division will run 2 seasons per programmatic year and include NASEF curriculum, coach training and program implementation development.

smash bros pic.jpeg

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Nintendo's flagship brawler pits gaming's most beloved characters in a brawl to win it all.  Super Smash Bros. Ultimate lets players battle using fan favorites like Mario, Donkey Kong and Pikachu.

rocket league pic.webp

Rocket League

Take one part soccer and one part remote control cars and you get Rocket League.  Easy to play, hard to master - everything that makes sports games popular gets taken up to level 100!

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League of Legends

Play League of Legends- the #1 Esport in the world!  Play this team based massive online battle arena  (MOBA) with 5v5 strategy and performance with over 100 Champions to choose from.

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