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Connecting Connecticut Youth
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Official Home of the Connecticut Consolidated Esports League

a NASEF affiliate

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NSEG Weekend:
2 Great Events

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Blue Smoke

1 Great Weekend
April 6th & 7th

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Accelerating Esports, Equity and Education

There are over 600 lucky youth currently playing in interscholastic Esports programs at local high schools across Connecticut thanks to the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC). This is a phenomenal opportunity for youth throughout Connecticut to participate in scholastic Esports at a varsity level. However, youth that are in afterschool programs, being home schooled, in middle school programs or who are in alternative education programs don't have the same advantage. This has created a gap between students who have access to these varsity Esports programs (and all of their opportunities) and those youth who don't. This gap in digital equity adversely affects students from low income and marginalized communities and robs them of the opportunity to compete in front of college recruiters and receive workforce development though Esports. World Wide Youth Networks has decided to address these disparities in digital equity by creating the Connecticut Consolidated Esports League (ConnCEL).  ConnCEL is an affiliate of the Network of Academic and Scholastic Esports Federation (NASEF), and brings competitive gameplay, a world renowned curriculum, professional development, college recruitment, industry support and program implementation strategies to youth in educational and after school programs across the State of Connecticut.  To learn more about the importance of Esports and why you should join ConnCEL, click here.

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